Aftanoonsalsa (AF Salsa) offers a more familiar and feel free to dance salsa and salsa lessons, Salsa Clubs representing the Shibuya, Shimokitazawa, Shinjuku, Roppongi central Tokyo and overseas freely, and wonderful (men cool well) on hand can help you will dance, from the 1/2004.

Introduction of the AF salsa

Introduction of the AF salsa
This content will continue with introduction of aftanoonsalsa (aka: AF salsa).
AF Salsa concept

Once again, AF Salsa was interviewed for that famous national magazine "monthly dance fan (month)". Aftanoonsalsa's circle feeling to participate even beginners Salsa lessons and introduced in the article.
Even it is easy-to-join newbie to the most important for me, and for a salsa lesson that is. Have even AF salsa, unlike the little sill (hate) high Roppongi Salsa lessons, I don't know anything feel free to ask questions.(1by using the h dancing. ) And the motto to provide lessons especially for beginners, easy to understand easily and politely.
Therefore, members can master the salsa base relatively smoothly. And our goal is Salsa Clubs in Roppongi and overseas in cool fun, free, and beautiful and often dance. It is! Not yet an abundance of music dance, improvise incorporate rich step (skills) with anyone, even if you cannot.
Its most important base is the leading & following. It offers lessons in AF Salsa especially focuses on the partner leading & following. Come on AF salsa, mastered the proper lead & follow, pleasant, beautiful, cool and learn good dance.

Can provide AF salsa
-Provides the atmosphere safe even for salsa beginners get started.
-There are many encounters with friends through salsa. (Among men and women 20's 30's in)
-You can improve your dancing skills, but to have fun.
-There are a lot of exchanges through the event with sesh, Fireworks Convention tour, salsa event tour AF Salsa friends.