Aftanoonsalsa (AF Salsa) offers a more familiar and feel free to dance salsa and salsa lessons, Salsa Clubs representing the Shibuya, Shimokitazawa, Shinjuku, Roppongi central Tokyo and overseas freely, and wonderful (men cool well) on hand can help you will dance, from the 1/2004.

Last week's lesson and video

Salsa Dance dancing in a short period of time until the aftanoonsalsa Learn Salsa Salsa beginners are comfortable, fun and to systematically offer lessons to support. Salsa basic step in the lesson learned is HP and Youtube videos have been up Salsa basic step videos A-E visit repeatedly, that review is recommended.
* Especially afsar lesson (points in lessons learned in video detail. ) And the salsa basic step videos A-combination of E-based learning is effective.
* Learn all basic steps to further step up the dance can dance like Afzal lesson, use Salsa free dance steps series videos are delivered in FB and Youtube videos. This is recommended to be learned and Afzal intermediate lesson at the same time.

CUMBIA Salsa steps whilst circle to draw the male lead, will be changed to clockwise position. Man is lead to involve women back and keep the frame firmly with tricks.
Beginner Salsa lesson 20170709

Intermediate Salsa lessons 20170709 (can be used in intermediate dance step 4)

Step is recent in the lesson.
Afternoon Salsa intermediate lesson _ 20170423