Aftanoonsalsa (AF Salsa) offers a more familiar and feel free to dance salsa and salsa lessons, Salsa Clubs representing the Shibuya, Shimokitazawa, Shinjuku, Roppongi central Tokyo and overseas freely, and wonderful (men cool well) on hand can help you will dance, from the 1/2004.

Lesson & yourself Learn Salsa steps videos A-E

Characteristics of the aftanoonsalsa lessons

Lessons progress
Configuration aftanoonsalsa lesson proceeds as follows. * Salsa basic step pair F-F to the master.
Participation fee / ticket pass
Aftanoonsalsa base participation fee for
Aftanoonsalsa's one lesson of participation proceeds as follows.
Schedule 14:00-17:00To all students, and 2500 Yen!

11Lesson Pass ¥ 25000
Lesson 10 times pay can take 11 times.
Purchase expires one year from the date
If you * purchased by husband or sibling pairs ¥ 20000 / per person

About discount
Salsa basic step

Step seed like the following example (A pair) levels necessitate A-f and A-F in carefully was 20 steps you through all the basic steps. Step A combined 20 steps-we will master the F repeatedly. You can dance learn in theory and practice the same pattern that the unconscious.
Salsa basic step hen necessitate A
* May not be viewed on some terminals.
Salsa basic step hen pair B
Salsa basic step pair C
Salsa basic step hen pair D
Salsa basic step pair E

★ Dance salsa per 20 basic steps
For fun dancing salsa per narrowed to 20 patterns steps required. If you master this basic 20 steps complete, can be enjoyed well in the free dance partner. Step combinations with only 20 steps in the lesson, which necessitate A-F 6 pattern will repeat master.
<Basic steps>
(1) basic
(2) side step
(4) light Tan & left turn
(5) the cross-body lead
(7) shoulder stop
(8) open black
(9) from the handmade cross-body lead
(10) triple turn
(11) cross boderidobalierion
(12) Cumbia from the open break
Kumbiabalierion (13)
(14) from the open break inside & outside turn
(15) cross body Reed & inside turn
(16) the hook turn (half)
(17) the reverse cross body lead (FC hav turn)
(18) the hook turn
Cross body Reed & インサイドターンバリエーション (19)
(20) natural top (coffee cup)

★ male lead steps of how to increase
I got a lesson in not in the free dance.
And no man feels the difficulty of the male lead?
So male lead step easier because of points in aftanoonsalsa lesson introduces specifically.

< Step variations >
Salsa 20 steps to pair A-lesson program is designed to master the step variations of F repeatedly. About what new steps of step (skills) can already connect... how aftanoonsalsa lesson provides details.

In > < in order to master a good lead for accurate and good woman
On the music while men and women step into imagine alone satisfies are the leading steps, whether. When the lead count count of salsa songs, or, when you count the women step is whether, or clear understanding.

< Make a lot of salsa step drawer >
Salsa basic step 20 3-4 as of 1 step routine together remember, try swapping the order 1 set of practice. ⇒ necessitate A-F axis to increase variation in the lessons introduce.

[Lead & follow and salsa step (technology)]
Lot you want to remember the new steps, even if not correct lead & follow, and so hard to learn and progress effect is halved. And able to lead and follow correct number of steps (arts) degree and salsa song (third-quarter) is so wishes would get bored. Blend in any case both will be fun salsa.